Industrial LED Lighting Solutions


As a channel partner of EnergyWare, VCi provides cost savings and lighting improvement solutions to offices, athletic facilities, warehouses, parking lots, auto dealerships, school systems, hospitals, aviation hangers; anywhere lighting impacts people, business and communities.


EnergyWare is a full-service LED Smart Technology design, engineering, manufacturing and installation company with customers in over 30 states nationwide. With eleven regional offices. As a partner we can offer the power of a national organization with a local fee. A unique business model eliminates the guess-work of LED SMART solutions by bringing lighting engineers, lighting designers, best-in-breed manufacturing and trained LED-centric electricians all under one umbrella. All with the expertise in consulting, supplier, architect and electrical, resulting in a seamless and professional conversion to a cost savings enhancement.


Energyware employees assure clients of a single source provider with expertise from an extensive history of LED projects.

Digital Signage Solutions


Digital signage reaches millions of people daily in airports, banks, resorts, corporations, stadiums, hospitals, hotels, casinos, universities and many others. Updates and vibrant messaging is triggered by a data integration to other operations. From airport flight displays, ticket sales to concerts, sporting results, inventory level changes and so much more.


Displays have become so commonplace that digital signage risks being perceived as background noise. We can provide a comprehensive examination of the purpose of your project, targeting and how it meshes within a larger plan. Without it, viewers will simply ignore the display.


Display the information most important to your prospects, clients, employees, or any intended audience in an effective and engaging way. Projecting a consistent message across all platforms is vitally important to any business.


Communicating effectively to a geographically dispersed workforce is solved via displays or mobile devices worldwide instantaneously. Single presence to thousands of endpoints. Dashboards fed by existing internal data systems communicate to a sales-force, collections department, logistics operation or assembly line.


VCi solves wayfinding challenges (mapping), enhances safety, increases sales, creates a better aesthetic, promotes internal communications, drives interest, strengthens branding, educates and facilitates a better experience for any audience.

  • Information enhances the customer service experience - interpretive signage in museums, galleries, zoos, parks, exhibitions, tourist and cultural attractions are example


  • Influencing customer behavior – navigation, directing customers to different areas, increasing the "dwell time" on the store premises and a wide range of other uses in service of such influence


  • Influencing product or brand decision-making at the point of sale influence choice.  As signage influences shoppers’ decisions in a retail store,  dashboards updated from inventory management data direct the flow of goods worldwide


  • Subtle benefits include the reduction of perceived time in the waiting areas of restaurants, retail operations, and bank queues, while educating the customer so a decision is more easily reached



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